Miracle Glass
Fire Proof Glass
The need for a good and reliable fire protection system in commercial buildings and office complexes has gained significant importance in recent years. Fire and fire-related hazards can cause heavy loss to life, property and critical data.
Good design practices and safe construction proof door / fire-rated doors and partitions are worth the assurance of safety to life and property. It can help to prevent fire hazards and make your buildings fire safe.

Introducing a range of fully glazed fire rated solution which can be installed in areas where fire prevention and safety are highly critical like …
  • Data Server rooms (to prevent data loss due to fire)
  • Entry / Exit doors
  • Lift lobby partitions
  • Electrical rooms
  • Fire Safety Glass doors etc.

  • Doors and door sets
  • Internal and external Glazed partitions
  • Stairwells, lobbies and escape routes
  • Overhead glazing and façades Load-bearing glass floors