Miracle Glass
Energy Saving Glass Coating
KristalBond is a liquid glass coating that shields against the sunís harmful rays for living comfort and energy savings.

1. KristalBond cuts 90% of infrared ray. With KristalBond you are able to:
  • Reduce air-conditioning usage & increase its efficiency
  • Increase comfort, especially near glass areas
  • Enjoy cooler &more comfortable living environment

2. With a 2-3 degree Centigrade reduction in temperature, you are able to save up to 20% on your electrical consumption on a yearly basis.
     Based on the scenario above, you would reduce an estimate of 5.6 kg/m2/annum of CO2 emission.

3. KristalBond is formulated to block off 99% of the sunís UVA and UVB to:
  • Protect from skin pigmentation and skin cancer
  • Keep your furniture, displays and valuables from accelerated fading and ageing.
  • Keep out insects that are attracted to UV emitting from indoor lights.